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Trail Heads isolation/shut down update

Since we are not trading or doing any work at this time I want to take the opportunity to thank all to the people that supported Trail Heads in it's first year.

Putting your trust and spending money in a new, unproven business takes something but judging from repeat clients, feedback and reviews it was working out well. I was lucky to have coached over 100 people through the year. I have plans to organize many more adventures for tourists visiting Tasmania - we had our first 2 training camps over the summer and I'm itching to start organizing more. I am also hoping to increase the scope and products offered for skills coaching - I began to employ people in the business and grow in turnover and ideas. I have one very exciting idea that I will be using this time to focus on and try to make it happen.

So while the business is in shutdown I will be at home, looking after the children and some of our outdoor activities will be playing on bikes. There are lot of fun games to play with balance beams, small obstacles or challenges in any kind of open space. Our youngest daughter is on the adventure of taking the training wheels off whilst the oldest is starting to handle her bike really nicely.

For older kids a few things to try are:

Track Stand

Bunny hop (get a bar and raise it as you go or pile wood blocks up one by one)


Manuals - Start small - learn the basics then draw 2 lines and increase the distance for bigger and bigger distance targets. Gather up any scrap wood you have lying around the place and build some small ramps or features.

For cooped up adults that are missing their trail riding what can we do? Here are a few ideas: Exercise is still very important so riding to the shops and loading up a backpack with essentials or food might help you burn off some calories.

Donning the Lycra and dusting off the road bike...maybe...OK desperate times and all that...

Get the bike up on the stand and clean it - strip and grease all the bearings. Do it twice, you have the time :D.

Send your suspension in to the shop for a service. This will teach you how to remove and replace a fork/shock as well as getting it dialed in.

There are a lot of youtube resources to learn skills or just to entertain yourself check out Daily MTB Rider, Tom Cardy, Skills With Phil, GMBN just to mention a few good channels with lots of how to's. Also with all the spare time we now have bingeing youtube is probably OK!

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