• Andy Collings


Who Are you?

My name is Andy I live In Launceston TAS with my beautiful family.

Why did you start Trail Heads MTB Skills?

I bought my first mountain bike on a whim in 2001. For a few years I rode local trails, probably really really badly, on an off. 9 years ago I moved to Tasmania and really fell in love with Mountain biking. Since then Ive been upgrading my bike and build spec every chance I get but in the last couple of years Ive been really focussed on upgrading my riding. I'd say in the last year 2 years I've improved more than I did in the previous 16! It didn't suddenly just click I worked hard, started to really understand the basics and continually work on my riding both with my own research and coaching. The thrill of improving, getting faster, having more fun was addictive. Ive coached team sports before and always loved seeing people improve more than any other aspect. With this in mind I became an MTBA Accredited skills instructor this year.

So your a total shredder then?

No not really! I go OK though. I'm 46 and manage a few injuries I've picked up playing sport...I do try to improve and get better and fitter every time I get on a bike though. I love riding new trails, having a go at bigger and harder features and started Enduro racing to try and push myself and my fitness more. Whilst I'm not at all an Elite rider I do think that I have a good eye for watching people ride, see what they might be missing or could improve on.

Why should I do a mountain biking course?

Well, seriously most sports have coaching but most sports aren't as potentially dangerous! I could walk up to the local bowl on any Saturday morning and probably end up with more coaching than most people you see riding the trails that day. Also if you book a course with a Skills Instructor that will accelerate your improvement and give you skills that self taught people would take way longer to achieve.

Do I need a really expensive bike?

It won't actually help your skills that much at all. A reputable brand is a good start, go to a bike shop not K mart! Plus a few basic minimum specs will be fine. I'd say the most important thing is a well fitted bike to your size, good hydraulic disc brakes, decent tires, and I really think a dropper seat post is also really great, although a quick release works just fine to start with.

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